Strikingly Realistic Pumpkin Carvings, Masterpiece Pumpkins

Masterpiece Pumpkins carves animals, faces, themes, lettering, and logos with striking realism. Gene (the Carver at MPP) who carves 150-200 pumpkins annually (a lot of them are Fun-Kins) has won several awards for his work including several Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Carving Contests. Ever see the famous people pumpkin (actually they were probably Fun-Kins) portraits on T.V. around Halloween? Then there’s a good chance you’ve seen Gene’s work. In addition to custom pumpkin carvings, Masterpiece Pumpkins offers vintage carving templates & tools, pumpkin lighting options, and even Masterpiece Pumpkins original Pattern sets.

Many of the pumpkins that Masterpiece Pumpkins carves are Classics because they are the best for traditionally-sized carving patterns.

Masterpiece Pumpkins’s Gene Granata may be responsible for some of the famous faces, logos, and other carvings you’ve seen on TV and other media. We often get requests for carved Fun-Kins. If this is what you are looking for, is a great place to look.

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