“JackOLanterns.com creates the most AMAZING jack o’lantern sculptures in the world! Whether you want to add our jack o’lanterns to your existing Halloween-themed event or create a special event centered around 10,000 or more jack o’lanterns, we can help! All of our creations are done by professional illustrators and sculptors! We are the leader in […]

Masterpiece Pumpkins

Masterpiece Pumpkins carves animals, faces, themes, lettering, and logos with striking realism. Gene (the Carver at MPP) who carves 150-200 pumpkins annually (a lot of them are Fun-Kins) has won several awards for his work including several Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Carving Contests. Ever see the famous people pumpkin (actually they were probably Fun-Kins) portraits on […]


With thousands of award winning patterns and stencils, carving tools, and supplies, step by step tutorials, and tips, StoneyKins is the place to be during the Halloween season. Stoney also provides mesmerizing custom carved portraits of loved ones, favorite movie stars, cartoon characters, company logos or even beloved pets! ¬†Stoney has taught thousands of folks […]