"JackOLanterns.com creates the most AMAZING jack o'lantern sculptures in the world! Whether you want to add our jack o'lanterns to your existing Halloween-themed event or create a special event centered around 10,000 or more jack o'lanterns, we can help! All of our creations are done by professional illustrators and sculptors! We are the leader in producing multi-pumpkin displays carved with Funkins brand foam pumpkins! With proper care, our creations will last for years! We have some of these creations in stock now and we can make custom carves!" Visit JackOLanterns

Masterpiece Pumpkins

Masterpiece Pumpkins carves animals, faces, themes, lettering, and logos with striking realism. Gene (the Carver at MPP) who carves 150-200 pumpkins annually (a lot of them are Fun-Kins) has won several awards for his work including several Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Carving Contests. Ever see the famous people pumpkin (actually they were probably Fun-Kins) portraits on T.V. around Halloween? Then there's a good chance you've seen Gene's work. In addition to custom pumpkin carvings, Masterpiece Pumpkins offers vintage carving templates & tools, pumpkin lighting options, and even Masterpiece Pumpkins original Pattern sets. We often get requests…


With thousands of award winning patterns and stencils, carving tools, and supplies, step by step tutorials, and tips, StoneyKins is the place to be during the Halloween season. Stoney also provides mesmerizing custom carved portraits of loved ones, favorite movie stars, cartoon characters, company logos or even beloved pets!  Stoney has taught thousands of folks how they can turn an ordinary pumpkin into a unique work of art.  There’s even an enjoyable and insightful web forum to answer any and all of your carving questions. You can choose from simple patterns where the entire family…

The Pumpkin Wizard

From the Pumpkin Wizards site: Moonlight creeps into the darkened room. A mysterious mist shrouds your vision, and as it slowly clears, you begin to see it... slowly resolving into view... and you can tell....It's ALIVE!!!! You've stumbled into the lair of The Pumpkin Wizard But don't be afraid... our creations are friendly!

Zombie Pumpkins!

Zombie Pumpkins has a very comprehensive forum, carving tips, a gallery of user provided photos. The patterns that can be found there are some of the best available. They have a distinct style which falls somewhere between freaky and cartoony. There is a membership fee for access to the pattern downloads, but there are a few offered for free as well. Visit Zombie Pumpkins.com

Pumpkin Zone

Pumpkin Zone is another great place to buy Fun-Kins online. Get a few Fun-Kins with some of their fascinating and safe electric lighting options, other Halloween products, and a variety of other offerings from their various sister brands.