Height     15 IN
Width   12.5 IN

*Approximate, Funkins vary slightly

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This FUN⋅KIN has a perfect shape and fun carving surface. The Timmer has lots of carving area for you creative types.

What is a FUN⋅KIN?

FUN⋅KINS are synthetic pumpkins that are carefully crafted and painted by hand to look just like real pumpkins. They can be carved and lit to look like spooky works of art just like pumpkins. They are made hollow so there is no scooping of seeds and pumpkin guts necessary. And they never ever rot, so carvings last forever!

What are FUN⋅KINS Made Of?

Unlike any other artficial pumpkins available, FUN⋅KINS are constructed of patented low density foam. About the same consistency of real pumpkins. The walls of a FUN⋅KIN are generally about one half of an inch thick (a little more for the really big ones, and a little less for the really small ones) so they are strong enough to last for years to come and endure shipping, carving, use, and storage.

How Can FUN⋅KINS be Carved

Carve FUN⋅KINS just like you carve pumpkins. You can use any tool you would use on a pumpkin in almost the exact same way on a FUN⋅KIN. And we recommend using the Funkins Carving Tool for the absolute cleanest cut you can get.

How can FUN⋅KINS be Lit

Once your FUN⋅KIN is carved, light it up with any electric light you can think of under 5 watts. A great no-cord option is the FUN⋅KIN Tealight which has nifty little feet on the bottom so it can be positioned anywhere inside a FUN⋅KIN. If you’re looking for a really bright FUN⋅KIN-friendly light, check out the corded Pumpkin Light.


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