Finding Fun-Kins? More than you know…

You know how all of the major home, design, style magazines put out an issue that’s filled specifically with Halloween ideas?

Example Magazine Cover with Fun-Kins

Most magazine publishers put together each issue months in advanced; Halloween issues of many home and design magazines were created in May or June. So while they work on creative ideas for pumpkin decorating and carving, there’s usually something missing…pumpkins.

Which is where Fun-Kins come in to save the day. Magazine publishers love to use Fun-Kins for all of the same advantages most carvers do: their fun and easy to carve, no mess, and last forever. And in addition to all of this, they’re available year-round! And they look so darn real that no one ever has to know they aren’t actually pumpkins!

So if you spot a Fun-Kin in a magazine this year, let us know! Anyone who’s lucky enough to spot a Fun-Kin can get a 20% off coupon for use in the Fun-Kins Shop by commenting the magazine title, issue, and page number. Happy hunting!

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